Abbz Thomas to make Moto3 debut

Annabel (Abbz) Thomas has moved up to the Hel Performance British Motostar standard class Championship for 2018, having competed a year riding in the Santander Consumer Finance KTM RC Cup, where she was the top novice.

The 14-year-old finished just outside the top ten in in 11th position in 2017. During the season she managed to finish 6th three times on her way to 96.5 points.

With the disappearance of the KTM Cup she had to decide on whether to join the newly formed Supersport 300 category or take the Moto3 route. She opted for the latter.

Abbz Thomas spoke to us about her career and her decision to join Moto3 having just got back from the BSB test in Cartagena.

C.NET: Why did you decide to move to Moto3?

Abbz: We just wanted to move forward and we wanted to ride a proper race bike.

C.NET: How was the Moto3 at Cartagena?

Abbz: It was really good. The people that raced last year, I managed to get the same times there. Before Cartagena I was out there for a couple of weeks and I also went to the circuit at Guadix. So Cartagena was my second track on a Moto3.

C.NET: So you were getting much more confident with the bike.

Abbz: Yeah, when I first got on it I didn’t like it very much. Because he had a short seat on it, we had to sort the suspension out on it, and how I sat on it. Now I love it.

C.NET: What was it like going from the KTM road bike to the Moto3 race bike?

Abbz: We were worried! I came in and said I didn’t like it. I told my dad I preferred the KTM. But by the end of the day I was alright, I enjoyed it. (she said laughing)

Abbz Thomas is already a two-time British Champion. She has won two pit bike championships.

She also performed well at Whilton Mill in a one-off FAB-Racing appearance. On a spare weekend during the 2016 season she became the first ever girl to win a race in the FAB-Racing championship. It was an impressive weekend with two second places as well as the victory.

Most of her non-race weekends are now spent practising on a Honda CRF at the local track in Stretton. She prefers this to the pit bike because Abbz said, “It is better and faster. The pit bike doesn’t really bring me on.”

C.NET: What’s your favourite track?

Abbz: Mallory Park. Even though the first time I went there I crashed on the first lap. I love the first corner and on the KTM bike I got my elbow down at that circuit. Of the ones I will be racing then my favourite is Brands Hatch Indy. I just think it flows well. I like Paddock Hill Corner where you go downhill and also the last corner a lot.

C.NET: Who is helping keep you on the track this year?

Abbz: Obviously my parents but also Four Anjels Racing, Stanair Industrial doors, Gael Bretz, RGS Motorbikes and Memset Hosting.

C.NET: Our final question is what do you want to achieve in motorcycle racing?

Abbz: I want it to be my job.

Watch out for Abbz Thomas on the number 66.

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Abbz Thomas to make Moto3 debut
Abbz Thomas to make Moto3 debut at Brands Hatch Indy in the Hel Performance British Motostar Championship 2018.