ARO Racing was founded in 2016, by Alejandro Rosales, the team owner and former mechanic who still is in his late twenties.

His first adventure was with Aleix Viu back in 2014, as a mechanic. Competing in La Copa de España Pre-Moto3. They ended in a very commendable second position setting lots of fastest laps along the season.  

Rosales also worked with Marco Morelli in his second year in The Spanish Cup finishing in third position. Thanks to that brilliant season, he started to race for Angel Nieto Talent Team in the 85cc class.

The head of ARO Racing was also involved briefly in the Alex Toledo career when the young rider was racing in the Spanish championship. Due to financial difficulties Alex had to make one step back and return to the Campeonato de Catalunya. So, the team manager started to work with Valentin Perrone, an Argentinian rider.

Three years ago, Alejandro decided to start his own team and became a team manager. Since the beginning he has been worked with Alex Millan. Their first season was in the Moto 4 Cuna de Campeones Championship, hosted in Spain. In the final round at Valencia Millan secured pole position before crossing the line third behind David Salvador (currently in the Red Bull Rookies Cup). Fenton Seabright also competed in the Cuna de Campeones that year.

Alejandro Rosales
Alejandro Rosales (Photo: Aro Racing)

In 2017, Alex Millan achieved two more pole positions and three more podiums during the season, finishing fourth overall.

Last season and with the same rider, Alex Millan, the team took part in the European Talent Cup. The championship is seen as one of the steps to World Championship Moto3, a super-competitive championship, from where the best riders usually emerge.  The championship included British riders Joshua Whatley and Jamie Davis last year.

The season didn’t start as expected for the ARO Racing team and his rider, Alex Millan. In the first race, while he was leading the way, he crashed out, with just a couple of laps remaining. He injured the growth plate in his left hand. However, he managed to recover for the following round in Valencia, where he finished in the points, as a rookie.

The season continued with many ups and downs, but with hard work and thanks to the great work of Millan’s coach, Nico Ferreira and his team manager Alejandro Rosales, Alex Millan managed to change it.

At the penultimate round, in Albacete, after setting up the fastest lap on Saturday and starting the race from pole position, he took a brilliant victory.

For the coming season, Alex Millan, will continue racing with Rosales team, and after 3 seasons in a row, this relationship looks more like a strong bond forged between an older and a younger brother rather than Manager and rider.

For sure, the best is yet to come!