The Spanish rider from Guadalajara, 60 kilometres north-east of Madrid, is looking to make an impression in the European Talent Cup next year. Of course, all the riders are looking to do that but Alonso is one of the youngest at just 12-years-old.

Spanish GP85 champion

Alonso won the GP85 Spanish championship in 2018 as part of the Angel Nieto Team. He took 6 victories from 8 races. Whilst most riders would move onto Moto4, it has been decided that Alonso will ride a standard Honda Moto3 machine.

Throughout his career Alonso has been training at KSB Sport Centro de pilotaje. The mission statement of this organisation, started by Kike Bañuls, is “high quality training and maximum rigor for the motorcycle rider.” David Alonso started training with the riding school from the age of five with his riding teacher Charli.

Not only that, he has ridden from the age of six in the Nilsson training school for motocross

Angel Nieto Team

Now part of the Angel Nieto Team Alonso also receives guidance from people like Nico Terol to help him move his career forward.

David Alonso never seems to stop riding. This winter he has been at Albacete, Circuit de la Ribera, flat-tracking and doing motocross in order to prepare himself for the coming season and maintain fitness

Having just finished testing at Cartagena, Alonso left feeling very positive about the 2019 season in the European Talent Cup.