The provisional list of riders for the FIM CEV Repsol championships has been announced. We are no doubt in for another year of fantastically competitive racing and at this stage there are four British riders competing.

In the European Talent Cup Scottish rider Jack Hart and fellow Wilson Racing team mate Fenton Seabright are competing. Hart already has experience of the series whilst Fenton Seabright has done most of his racing in Spain having moved to the country as a young child. It will be interesting to follow their progress in this competitive series. Also racing in the same class is the talented Joshua Whatley for Mark Keen’s British KRP team. Stuart Nicholls, owner of the UK based Nykos Racing, will run a Belgian lad on a Moto3 on the European Talent Cup. He also has a Moto2 ready to race in the European Championship if he can find a rider.

The other British rider so far in the listings is Max Cook. The youngster from Swindon has been rewarded for his continual progress over the last few years. In 2019 Max Cook will ride in the Talent Team. Cook will also continue to feature in the Red Bull Rookies championship.

There are many other talented UK riders that could improve and possibly make an impression in the CEV, if funds for it were available. Two off the top of my head would be British Talent Cup runner-up Thomas Strudwick as well as Rory Skinner (British Talent Cup Champion 2018) who has experience of the Moto3 Junior World Championship and is a Red Bull Rookies Cup race winner. Whilst Strudwick has managed to secure an interesting ride in the GP2 class in BSB, Skinner is struggling to finance a family team in The British Supersport class.

The problem, as always, is the cost of racing at the Moto3 Junior World Championship level and the difficulty in attracting British business sponsorship for a rider when the series is based predominantly in Spain.

Finally, BSB fans will remember that Victor Rodriguez won the Hel Performance British Motostar standard class championship last year and finished runner-up in the ETC. He stays with Laglisse but steps up to race in their Moto3 Junior World Championship team. His younger brother Raul Rodriguez Nuñez is racing for the first time in the European Talent Cup next season.

Provisional lists:

Moto3 Junior World Championship riders.

Moto2 European Championship.

European Talent Cup.