Eugene McManus Junior is currently in Spain in the middle of a winter programme of preparation. This weekendhe has been testing at the Circuit Monteblanco and is due to move on the Almeria and then Cartagena before returning home.

Having spent three seasons riding in the Hel Performance British Motostar GP Championship the 18-year-old has parked up his Moto3 machine. In 2019 McManus Junior will begin a new adventure on a Yamaha R6. He will compete in the British Superbike Supersport championship with his father’s team E15 Racing.

The team will consist of his father, Eugene McManus, Jeremy Goodall, Michael King and Aodhan Tolan. Ex-GP racer Eugene McManus doesn’t need an introduction but McManus Junior continues to be surrounded by a very experienced team.

Eugene McManus preseason training 2019
Photo: cilindrada.NET

Jeremy Goodall is also an ex-racer and has been mechanic for James Westmoreland, Tarran McKenzie and a couple of years ago for Tom Booth-Amos, now racing in Moto3 at World Championship level.

Michael King is also a mechanic for the team. He has known Eugene McManus since his early racing days and was with him when he reached GP level. Now he is helping his son.

As well as being the data technician, Aodhan Tolan is also one of McManus Junior’s best friends. They have known each other for the last ten years after McManus moved to his school.

Apart from the riding in Spain Eugene McManus Junior has been spending plenty of time at Spartan Fitness in Belfast in order to give himself the best chance physically for the coming season.

Rider and team are well aware that the first season in British Supersport will be a learning year where McManus will be battling against some very talented riders.

His younger brother, 14-year-old Jimmy McManus, will be competing for the Kawasaki 109 team in the British Junior Supersport championship. He too is in Spain but is flying back on Monday to attend school before returning the following weekend for the testing in Almeria.

James McManus preseason training 2019
James McManus – Photo: cilindrada.NET
Eugene McManus Junior preseason 2019
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Eugene McManus Junior preseason 2019
Eugene McManus preparing for the 2019 season with tests in Monteblanco, ALmeria and Cartagena