Ivan Ortola took victory in the opening race of the European Talent Cup in dramatic fashion as he and Fenton Seabright came together on the line. The British rider finished second but was sent sliding down the start finish straight. A distant third was David Muñoz.

The first 16 lap race of the season saw the 38 riders lining up on rain soaked circuit in Estoril with constant drizzle falling throughout.

Before the race began the Estrella Galicia team suffered huge problems. Pole-sitter Jose Antonio Rueda had a problem and was unable to get going on the warm-up lap. The result was that he had to start from the back of the grid. This left Fenton Seabright effectively on pole position with Izan Guevara alongside him.

Seabright made a cautious start and dropped to fifth in the opening corners whilst Ivan Ortola and Diogo Moreira managed to open a gap almost immediately, at the front of the race.

Álex Millán had started fifth and was quickly into third position. By the end of the second lap Fenton Seabright had got himself up to third place. Ortola was leading the race and had already begun to drop Moreira. Seabright caught the Brazilian, who had received a ride through penalty for starting from the wrong grid position. He may have held Seabright up for a lap or two before coming into the pits. Seabright overtook before the Brazilian took his punishment. By this time Ortola was over four seconds down the road.

Whilst Ortola had made a fantastic start to the race, showing little fear in the conditions Seabright found growing in confidence too. The Wilson Racing rider started to chip away at the gap and took the lead going into turn one with five laps remaining. Having seen a lead of over four seconds disappear, Ortola didn’t give up. he fought back for the race lead at turn six.

The two then raced Wheel to Wheel to the end of the race. Seabright was clearly faster in the second part of the lap and was lining up a move either at the esses or the final corner. He was able to take a tighter line in the final corner but Ortola seemed to have better accelration.

On the final lap Seabright, who had been lining up a final corner move pushed through to take the lead. Ortola then managed to accelerate and move alongside Seabright as they both approached the finish line. As neither gave quarter they touched. Ortola took the victory by 0.018 seconds whilst Seabright fell and slid the length of the pit lane to claim second position. David Muñoz took third place 16 seconds behind the leading two.

Joshua Whatley ended race one in 27th position for the KRP team.

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