Izan Guevara (Cuna de Campeones) made it a double celebration in Valencia as the Cuna de Campeones rider took his second victory of the weekend. He finished a comfortable 3.159 seconds ahead of David Muñoz (Jerez Andalucia MT) and Dirk Geiger (Keifer Racing) who also made his second visit to the podium.

Unlike in European Talent Cup race one, Guevara was able to start from pole position. He quickly built a lead at the front of the race. The 14-year-old was a second ahead of Rueda and Geiger in the opening laps. As the riders behind battled to head the chasing group Guevara was able to stretch his lead.

Jack Hart (Wilson Racing) had started fifth for race two but struggled to get away dropping to 13th at the beginning of the race. He was circulating in a large group with teammate Fenton Seabright.

With 13 laps remaining Guevara was over three seconds down the road. David Muñoz was second and Lorenzo Fellon third. Jack Hart managed to make up three places but unfortunately, he collided with another rider and his race finished early.

Fellon then managed to get himself to the front of the group and the gap between him in second and the race leader began to fall. This time he was careful to keep within the track limits.

Regrettably for him, he couldn’t maintain the position and when he was overtaken the gap began to open up again.

It turned out to be a comfortable win for Izan Guevara crossing the finish line after 17 laps with a margin of over three seconds. David Muñoz was second with German rider Dirk Geiger in third in a group of seven riders battling for the two remainin podium positons.

Fenton Seabright was battling in a group of six riders fighting for ninth place. He crossed the line eleventh. Joshua Whatley (KRP) suffered another DNF.

European Talent Cup Valencia April 2019 Race 2 Result

Pos. Rider Time/Gap Points
1 GUEVARA,Izan 29:44,886 25
2 MUÑOZ,David 00:03,159 20
3 GEIGER,Dirk 00:03,170 16
4 CRUCES,Adrián 00:03.337 13
5 FELLON,Lorenzo 00:03.478 11
6 RUEDA,José A. 00:03.498 10
7 MUÑOZ,Daniel 00:03,.54 9
8 MOREIRA,Diogo 00:03.594 8
9 ALDEGUER,Fermín 00:08.898 7
10 RUDA,Marcos 00:09.138 6
11 SEABRIGHT,Fenton H. 00:09.147 5
12 TAPIA,Marco 00:09.814 4
13 ALFANO,Pasquale 00:09.995 3
14 RODRIGUEZ,Juan 00:10.807 2
15 ROUGE,Clément 00:17.371 1