The Junior World Championship of Moto3 2019 starts with good feelings for the LaGlisse Academy. Adverse weather marked the first round of the season from start to finish in Estoril, where Sunday’s races were held in the rain.

The conditions were quite delicate, but the LaGlisse Academy has been able to add some valuable points in the Portuguese track with Jeremy Alcoba and Víctor Rodríguez. Alcoba started from the pole and led the initial stages of the race, but little by little he slipped backwards and settled in the second group. As he gained confidence and the track dried up, Alcoba increased his pace, even making the second fastest lap of the race. In the end, his fifth place gives him 11 important points to start the season in which he aspires the title.

For his part, Víctor Rodríguez made a sensational comeback from last position on the grid. The rider of Piedralaves was going to go out 29th, but a problem before the return of the grid formation forced the team to work against the clock to start the race. It was able to do it, although from last place on the grid. Víctor has premiered at the Moto3 Junior World Championship level with a great race in the rain, climbing more than 20 places in difficult conditions. He finished 10th in his debut in the category.

# 52 Jeremy Alcoba – 5th“The team had warned me during these months about the importance of scoring in the first race and, being in rain, I was more nervous about the conditions than to start from pole. I came out a bit tense and at first it cost me; when the group had distanced itself it was too late to react and I did not want to risk a fall either. I knew there would be some riders drop out ahead and, after being passed by another rider, who was going faster, I took his reference because I was getting a bit stagnant. Little by little I rode faster, until on the last lap I went more calmly and I made sure of a result. I’m happy, because we’ve done a spectacular job over the weekend. This fifth place feels like a podium, because to score in such a difficult race is very good for the championship. I have adapted very well to the Husqvarna, so I want to get to Valencia and give my best “.

Photo: Team LaGlisse

# 19 Víctor Rodríguez – 10th “Although the weekend has not been positive, I leave the race with a good taste in my mouth. I’m happy, because I’ve been able to stay calm and overcome the difficulties I faced. I started last, because the bike stopped during the warm-up lap, but there was time for the team to repair it in the box while the grid was set up and I was able to start the race. It was a difficult Sunday, because I had not been able to go out in the morning warm- up either. Coming from the back of the grid and having kept calm, both in the first laps and at the end with worn tyres, leaves me very satisfied. It was not easy, because I started with a lot of adrenaline. Having pushed so hard, I’ve used a lot of tyre and I almost fell a couple of times, but I managed to control the situation and collect six points. Valencia is a circuit that I’m good at, so I
hope to be back in the top 10 to continue learning and improving. “