14-year-old Harry Leigh has made the move from Thundersport Superteens, which he won in 2018, to Moto3 GP machine with Symcirrus Motorsport, in the Hel Performance British Motostar series.

After a fantastic year in Superteens where he took the title, Harry Leigh found out he has been selected to take part in the British Talent Cup in 2019. Riding a standard Honda NSF250R he will compete against the best riders in the British Isles. A reward wel deserved after a fantastic season.

“I can’t wait, because it looks so good. It’s like nothing I have ever done and I’m going to be running number 16”, he told us. The number is special for Leigh because he has raced as number 88 (double 8 racing) so 16 could be lucky.

Now he has also announced that he will ride in the Moto3 Open class suport series of British Superbikes, for the established Symcirrus Motorsport team.

“We wanted to go for the open class, just beacuse, the British Talent Cup uses standard class NSF 250’s and so does Motostar standard, but the bikes are still very different. So having two similar bikes that are still different would be sort of confusing we thought. With the open class we also felt we would be more visible on TV and then easier to attract sponsors and stuff”, Harry Leigh informed us.

Harry Leigh has received offers for the Moto3 Junior World Championship and the European Talent Cup and it is where he wants to go but he realises that may be it is too early for such a big move. He told us, ” It’s better to learn your craft in England first rather than jump straight there. You could lose your confidence. With BSB you get a chance to build your confidence and get faster so when you go you will be ready.”

Leigh has had a little practice on the GP Moto3 but it was a spare bike for the Symcirrus Motorsport team. As a result, it wasn’t set up for Leigh as such, so he is looking forward to going testing and getting a feel for where he is going to be. When we asked when he would be testing the Moto3 GP machine Leigh said, ” It will in the February half-term. I don’t quite know the dates but it will be at Cartagena [Spain] with No Limits. It’s a three day one so there will be a lot of track time.”

The British Talent Cup season 2019 starts on the 19th to 21st April at Silverstione as part of the British Superbike meeting. The Hel Performance British Motostar championship commences Oulton Park on the 4th to 6th May.