FPW Racing’r Brandon Paasch got his 2019 British Motostar season off to the perfect start. The American followed up victory in race one by repeating the feat in race two. He came under increased pressure this time though, with Dan Jones, Scott Swann and Asher Durham all pushing hard at the front of the race.

Off the line it was Jack Nixon who took the lead with Dan Jones through from fourth to second place. The positions changed quickly on the first few laps. Jones had briefly dropped to fourth before riding round the outside of two riders going into Shell Oils and up into second once again.

Then on the second lap disaster struck for Nixon. The rider from Folkestonecrashed out of the lead around Druids. Dan Jones then led Paasch, and Swann with Durham about one and a half second further back.

The front three were able to pull away from Durham stretching the gap to around 2.5 seconds at one stage. Jones and Paasch traded the lead a few times whilst Swann was there in third. Paasch returned to the front of the race around lap six but he could not get away from Jones or Swann. Jones may have been looking for where he could pass the American in the final few laps.

In the closing laps, Durham began to catch the leading group of three. He chipped away to make it a group of four with around two laps remaining. The riders then began to come across backmarkers. After safelñy negotiating them, Jones looked on the inside at Lodge Corner but Paasch held on to take his second win of the round. Jones was happy to collect 20 points after the disappointment of yesterday’s race. Scott Swann should have impressed everyone with his first competitive performance on the GP machine this weekend, finishing with two podiums.

Motostar Oulton Park May 2019 Race 2

Pos. Rider Gap Points
1 Paasch   25
2 Jones 0.621 20
3 Swann 0.747 16
4 Durham 0.770 13
5 Best 19.290 11
6 Whatley 19.340 10
7 Davis 44.377 9
8 Burman 1:04.133 8
9 Leigh 1:15.553 7
10 Pinfold 1:15.671 6
11 Sellors 1:33.205 5

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