A lot of top sports people use fitness coaches and many believe it to be an essential part of maintaining their fitness and preparing for specific events. But why would you need one?

Lanre Akilagun a huge bike fan, has been a fitness coach for over fifteen years. He is employed full time with British Airways and has also worked for the BBC. Over the years he has worked with a number of sports people, including an Olympic swimmer, a Kayak champion and various golfers.

We spoke to Lanre to find out more about what he does and how he can help riders.

He told us that sometimes people need professional help to set an appropriate fitness programme as part of becoming the best they can at their chosen sport. He also added that whilst self-motivation goes a long way some people lack sufficient motivation and need someone to be accountable to.

“The experience and knowledge of a personal trainer can elevate you to perform at that level where you need to be.”, he told us.

Akilagun informed us that with some riders they need to improve their physical ability to maneuver the bike or perhaps because they move to a class with a heavier and/or more powerful machine.

Over the last three years Akilagun has worked with Liam Delves. Delves used to be in the Hel Performance British Motostar Championship but for 2019 he has moved up to the National Superstock 600 class. There he will ride for Matthew Gilder’s Via Moto Team.

“I set him a training programme which runs for a period of several weeks. I speak to him regularly on the phone or by video call”, Akilagun said about working with Liam Delves.

On race weekends he also helps out with Liam’s race preparation. It might be with mobility of his joints, resistance band work, exercises or visualization work whilst keeping the heart rate under control.

Delves said,” He helps me out with my diet and stuff and sends me training programmes. He is going to do more stuff at racing like preparation and get my body to work how it needs to work in 2019. He always checks on me to make sure what I’ve been eating.”

I asked Delves if he had seen a benefit in using a fitness trainer and he said, “100%.”

In 2019 Arkilagun will be back in the BSB Paddock with Delves.